Protect Your Home With Motion Detector Sensors

Motion DetectorIt’s only natural to want to protect yourself, your family and your belongings from those who might want to cause harm, and with the help of a high-quality motion detector, it’s now easier than ever before to prevent crimes before they start and to track down offenders, even after they are long gone. Many modern motion detectors have a number of built-in features that make it possible for you to keep your home safe at any time of the day or night and that will operate either indoors or out. This is definitely one security measure that any responsible homeowner will want to look into as a means of ensuring that their family is well-protected against intruders and vandals.

How A Motion Detector Works
Motion detectors are made with the primary purpose of sensing the movement of objects, particularly that of people. Their integrated movement sensors are capable of picking up a variety of indicators of activity, including changes within their optical and acoustical field. This means that if a person walks in front of the sensor or makes a sound that is audible to the device, it will automatically send a signal to turn on the camera, lights or alarm that are attached to it. There are motion detectors which send out microwave radiation that will reflect back any movement in the area as well, which will also result in a signal for the device to come on automatically.

While motion detector alarm can be used as an effective part of a more comprehensive home security system, there is no doubt that they can provide residents with a much safer environment, even as a stand-alone tool. Many people will opt to use a motion detector alarm that feature two or even three different types of technology in order to avoid false triggers. In this case, one sensor may recognize microwave disruptions, while another might require a sound to set it off, but the lights or the camera that are attached to it won’t kick on unless both of these sensors are triggered within a specified timeframe.

It’s important to realize that although this strategy does reduce the number of false alarms for homeowners, it can also allow an intruder a better chance of passing by it undetected. If, for instance, they are picked up by the microwave sensor but manage to avoid making a noise that is loud enough for the sound sensor to pick up, nothing will happen and they will be able to pass by the motion detector freely. For this reason, you’ll want to select the motion detector alarm that best suits the area that you want to monitor.

The Effect Of Motion Detectors On Criminal Behavior
If you’re following the advice of the National Neighborhood Watch Association, there are three steps that every homeowner should take to reduce their odds of being the victim of a break-in or vandalism. These steps are, in order, to deter, detect and delay the criminal before they make it into the home. The good news is that a well-placed motion detector light and camera can take care of the first two steps for you right off the bat. The effect of a bright light suddenly coming on as they approach the property is an instant and very effective deterrent to most criminals, since light is often their worst enemy. The light can also allow you or a neighbor to spot them before they attempt to do any damage.

Many homeowners mistakenly think that leaving a light burning all night will provide the same level of security, but they are sadly mistaken most of the time. That’s because a light that is always on is unlikely to get the attention of those who have grown accustomed to it, while a light that comes on unexpectedly is much more likely to be noticed and to alert you to the fact that something might be amiss. Meanwhile, a motion detector camera will instantly capture the face of anyone who is on property and can provide law enforcement with a place to start in the event that a crime does take place.

Where To Place Motion Detectors For Maximum Benefit
A wireless motion detector makes it easy to install this security tool virtually anywhere you like, either inside or outside your home. Whether they are on the exterior of your home or are inside, motion detectors should be placed high enough that they can’t be tampered with and they should be focused on the most likely points of entry for your home. There are outdoor motion detectors that are specifically made to withstand the elements and to sense movement at long distances as well. Even the least expensive models usually have sensors that can read movement from as far away as 15’ however, so it isn’t an imperative that you spend a fortune on your motion detectors. Just make sure that they are well-made and be sure to position them so that the area that you most want to monitor is within their specified range.

Regardless of where you live, the fact of the matter is that anyone can become the victim of a crime in their own home. Fortunately, with the help of an in-place motion detector alarm, all homeowners can dramatically reduce the chances that their home will be a target for criminals of any sort.